b'INGEAR ISSUE 3 INCREASEDCAPACITY BUILT FORENHANCED FLOODED For maximum comfortENDURANCEfor the truck driver 3 Latest Enhanced BATTERY TECHNOLOGY supplying power to allFlooded Batteryaccessories and electrical(EFB) technology for a longer lifeTHE VERY BEST POWER SOURCE systems on board. 3 Excellent vibration FOR YOUR DAF FLEET resistancedesignedfor end of frameinstallationDAF Genuine batteries are6 SPECIAL 3 Maximum capacity specifically designed for DAFMIXING ELEMENTSfor maximumhigh-performance commercialFull acid mixing whileperformancevehicles and represent the statedriving optimizes the3 OE-quality andof the art in acid stratificationbattery charge acceptancetested batteriesand vibration resistance. for easy recharging and- 3 years warrantymakes the battery betterIt is the only product resistant against deep in the market with discharge.mixing elements foreasy recharging andresistance to deepdischarge and is ideal forend-of-frame installation.EFB TECHNOLOGY EXCELLENT VIBRATION RESISTANCEEnhanced flooded batteryExtra glue between the connectors technology with extra polyesterand lead plates and between the scrim around the lead plateslead plates and the bottom makes improves vibration resistance the battery unbreakable and of each individual lead plate resistant against the toughest for a longer lifetime. vibrations. Special support brackets keep the lead plates CONTACT US FOR DETAILS OF WHICH BATTERIES package in the right place.FEATURE EFB TECHNOLOGYENGINE FITMENTPART NO.UPDATE YOUR DAF FLEETSMART TACHOGRAPH1544668 WITH A SMART TACHOGRAPH DSRC ANTENNA1544676 New legislation requiring all newsafety by reducing unnecessaryDSRC Cable1544677 trucks to have a Smart Tachographdriver infringements.is currently being introduced.Contact us for details of how KITAS 4 18mm1544675 For DAF trucks without a Smartwe can help you run more efficiently Tachograph, the retrofit of a newand safely by retro fitting the KITAS 4 18.6mm2183559 Smart Tachograph will cut down onright Smart Tachograph to your administration and improve driverDAF trucks. KITAS 4 19.8mm1544670 KITAS 4 23.8mm2183560 KITAS 4 25mm1544669 KITAS 4 33.8mm2183563 KITAS 4 88.8mm2183562 6 NEW MAX VOUCHER MAX VOUCHER MAX VOUCHER ASK US FORDAF MultiDAF GenuineDAF GenuineDETAILSV Belts Brake Pads Brake Discs (Pair)M ONEY-SAVING258 OR VISIT THE MAX PORTAL TO CHECKVOUCHERS DISCOUNT DISCOUNT DISCOUNT YOUR ACCOUNT87250106 87260106 87260102 87260101Every effort has been made to ensure correct parts and application details are shown throughout this mailer. However, as parts are constantly updated and subject to change please check with your dealer at point of purchase. Parts offered subject to availability.Some applications are covered by multiple part numbers. Please check with your dealer if you require a quote for an alternative part. Images are for illustration purposes only.'