b'INGEAR ISSUE 3 PUMP HOUSING DAF GENUINEINCORRECTLY Original water pump WATER PUMPSfrom aluminium die cast material. This design is 100% porosity free and therefore DESIGNED WATER no leakage through housing.CLUTCHPUMPS CAUSE Best fit and no sharp edgesTwo stage water pumpInstallation friendly. runs at 30% of belt driveDAF Genuine WaterENGINE DE-RATING rotational speed at allPumps feature:RESULTING IN times. Only when additionalCorrect impellorcooling is required thedesign - No cavitationTHE DAF PARTS UPDATEEARLY BREAKDOWNS. pump gears up to 100% of belt drive rotational speed. Patented two stageAdvantages: Reducedclutch - Saving fuelBRIAN GREENfuel consumption up toDie casted housingPRODUCT MANAGER 0.3%. Optimum engine- No porositytemperature is quickly Premium bearingsachieved from a cold start. - Long service lifeApplication: DAF CF & IMPELLOR BEARING XF EURO 6 prior MY2017Exact dimensions are keyAxle bearing andOptimised thermo to performance. Incorrectpulley bearing aremanagement dimensioned Impellor leadsfrom premium bearing T wo stage rotation speedto air bubbles implodingmanufacturers Minimized rotation speedagainst engine interior andrespectively KINEX and- Fuel savingcauses engine cracksthisNACHI. It is a guarantee DAF Warrantyprocess is called cavitation. for a long service life.LF BRAKINGSOLUTIONS DAF STEERINGEVEN GREATER THANTHE SUM OF THEIR PARTS! & SUSPENSION DAF OE Air Disc systems are selectedand developed to work perfectly togetherWhen replacing steeringproviding the ultimate in braking safety and suspension parts, DAF and efficiencies for your DAF LF trucks. Genuine should always beDAF Genuine brake pads provideDAF Genuine brakethe automatic choice.optimum braking performance anddiscs undergo rigorous maximum safety in all conditions. and demanding testing toManufactured and fitted on every new They give a longer service life andprovide the safety features DAF Truck, each part is specifically increased vehicle uptime, helping you expect from your vehiclesdesigned and engineered to provide to reducebraking system. high-quality assurance and are produced operationalSPECIFY following strict quality and testing costs. DAF GENUINE DAF Genuine brake calipers providestandards.BRAKING PARTS the ultimate in braking safety and the FOR COMPETITIVE ability to handle stop and go trafficAs original parts, they provide a precision PRICES & INCREASED and full on emergency braking, whenfit, keeping repair costs and downtimeVEHICLE UP TIME necessary, day in day out and to a minimum.KEEPING OPERATING in all weather conditions.COSTS DOWN'